Sunday, 18 January 2009

I so wish you were here. . .

Check out the new website that's about to make all your dreams come true. Well for some people it already has!

It's a community site that provides advice and ideas that help reach your goal and achieve your dreams. Site members are rated on their helpfulness, and rise through a ranking system. There is no doubt, 'I so wish' will take off quickly, and is quickly pulling in users from the increasingly popular Twitter.

The great thing about I so wish, is that you don't have to wish for multiple wishes, as you can make as many as you like on the site, and stand a much higher chance of making your wish come true.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Still Red Hot? Absolutely!

I had to feature this advert on my new blog, it really is the best advert I have seen in years. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic, the Still Red Hot campaign is a fantastic reminder of the 1980's in all it's glory.

This advert has everything, including a fantastic soundtrack from Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Madonna, Asteriods, Wimpy, The Miners Strike, it's all here and did I mention the cabin crew?

Paul Dickinson, the sales and marketing director for Virgin Atlantic said “When our competitors are feeling down in the dumps, and we enter into a year of economic uncertainty, you can always trust Virgin Atlantic to raise spirits and stare into the future with as much optimism as we did back in 1984.”

Virgin, I'm flying with you as soon as I get my passport back.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Attention to Retail

Some fantastic stats have come out this week regarding the habits of UK online bargain hunters on Christmas Day.

Nearly 4m Britons spent £100m online on the 25th according to figures by IMRG. 3.8m online shoppers spent £102m, an average of £26.80 per customer, which was up 21% on last year’s figures.

The number of people shopping online was down on last year, however the volume of transactions were 26% higher.

Several e-tailers including Marks and Spencer, Play and John Lewis were running Christmas Day sales, encouraging people to spend before the January Sales by commencing there sale Christmas day.

We still see many leading retailers not offering customers the chance to purchase items online, with this information and the ever increasing High Street pressure, I wonder how many of them will resist the temptation to stay away?

Business vs Credit Crunch

Ian gives three top tips to boost your online marketing through the credit crunch. It is essential that you have short and long term sales marketing objectives for your business for the most likely tough times ahead.

Companies that are winning are those who are able to track activity, through 2009 it is essential. It is clearer than ever that the businesses that will win through the credit crunch will be the ones that make the most of their online prescence.

- Set your business sales and marketing objectives
- Make sure your brand message is clear and focussed
- Know who your customers are

1. Search, Search & Search 80% of users start their internet session through a search engine, 90% of searches start with a brand. A top position for your company is essential, you need to be found while your competition can't be. It is essential that you have a strategy to make and be sure your website is set up correctly for Natural SEO and if not, you set up a pay per click campaign as quickly as possible.

2. Track Reports Look at your current marketing plan, what is working and what isn't? If you don't feel something is providing ROI for your business, assess it first then remove it. There are some great online tools that can help you track everything, one of them is Google Analytics, this will tell you exactly where your clients are coming from, what they are searching for and how long they spend looking at your site.

3. Communication There are two key ways to now communicate to your customers, by mobile (SMS) and the other is email. By adding mobile and email marketing to your marketing mix will help to generate business very quickly. The key thing here is data, have you got it? Where can you get it from?

Ian starts his blog

Having stood back and watching the rise of the blog, I simply had to get involved. Why should the journalists have all the fun?

I am a co owner of Birmingham based digital marketing agency LHM Media.

My job is to keep a key a watchful eye on digital, and help our clients businesses grow using the tools available to us all. One of the key elements of my job is wading through all of the great ideas that both we and clients come up with, and actually delivering the end goal. Normally that goal is more customers, more data and essentially more awareness for their brand product and service.

As we go in to a tough period for marketers in general, it is important to understand why we do what we do, such as providing clients with the best possible solutions and advice, services that are fully trackable and that give them value for money. This way, everybody wins.