Monday, 12 January 2009

Ian starts his blog

Having stood back and watching the rise of the blog, I simply had to get involved. Why should the journalists have all the fun?

I am a co owner of Birmingham based digital marketing agency LHM Media.

My job is to keep a key a watchful eye on digital, and help our clients businesses grow using the tools available to us all. One of the key elements of my job is wading through all of the great ideas that both we and clients come up with, and actually delivering the end goal. Normally that goal is more customers, more data and essentially more awareness for their brand product and service.

As we go in to a tough period for marketers in general, it is important to understand why we do what we do, such as providing clients with the best possible solutions and advice, services that are fully trackable and that give them value for money. This way, everybody wins.

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Chris Unitt said...

Hi Ian, congrats on your new blog!