Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Still Red Hot? Absolutely!

I had to feature this advert on my new blog, it really is the best advert I have seen in years. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic, the Still Red Hot campaign is a fantastic reminder of the 1980's in all it's glory.

This advert has everything, including a fantastic soundtrack from Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Madonna, Asteriods, Wimpy, The Miners Strike, it's all here and did I mention the cabin crew?

Paul Dickinson, the sales and marketing director for Virgin Atlantic said “When our competitors are feeling down in the dumps, and we enter into a year of economic uncertainty, you can always trust Virgin Atlantic to raise spirits and stare into the future with as much optimism as we did back in 1984.”

Virgin, I'm flying with you as soon as I get my passport back.

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