Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Family Affair

UK web users are now spending increased time surfing home and family websites. New statistics released by Nielsen Online, demonstrate the widening online demographic.

The new figures show the top ten fastest growing categories for time spent online include Family Resources, Food and Cooking and Family and Lifestyle.

The Family Resources category grew 135% from 30 minutes in Fem 2008 to 71 minutes in February this year.

The Food and Cooking category grew by 110% to 99m minutes in February 2009, while the Family and Lifestyle category almost doubled to 51m minutes over the same period.

The fastest growing category overall was Coupons/Rewards, which increased from 52m minutes in February 2008 to 183m minutes in February 2009, representing a 248% increase.

This no doubt is due to the credit crunch, as web users look online for the latest offers and savings.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

iPhone in Bromsgrove

Took a snap of the canal at The Queens Head in Bromsgrove. A calm Sunday afternoon at the pub with free tortillas too. Highly recommended.